Hire a Fire Damage Insurance Lawyer in Detroit MI

Stunning. Numbing. Almost like losing a family member. You know how it feels to lose your home or business to fire or other casualty. And when it comes to your insurance claim, it can get even worse.

First comes the wave of board-up companies, fire repair contractors, public adjusters and “restoration” specialists — some with cash incentives in hand—all claiming to be able to make things right for you. Or it’s the smiling insurance adjuster, ready to steer you toward his company’s “preferred” contractors. Trouble is, when problems arise with his “buddies in the business,” the problems are all yours because you hired them. Or, sad to say, you could be approached by local fire officials who may recommend fire repair contractors because they’re accepting gifts in the form of dinners, trips, tickets to games, etc.

Not sure what to do?
Just call to get experienced help on your side.

Make MacKinnon & Higgins your fire insurance attorneys. We will advise you and fight on your behalf—whether on the phone, at the office of the insurance company’s attorney or in court.

Even if your insurer is ethical, it’s likely that your payout will be less than it could have been had you obtained knowledgeable advice. And the fact remains that there is an overwhelming number of things you need to do after fire or other property damage—things we can advise you on—to collect the full measure of your losses. Items must be inventoried, actual cash value and replacement cost amounts must be determined, notarized proof-of-loss forms must be prepared and timely filed. Fire repair contractors and other vendors must be dealt with and much, much more.

So whether you have a million-dollar commercial loss or the loss of your small bungalow, call MacKinnon & Higgins to get the unbiased experience, insight, advice and direction you need. We’ll guide you through the entire process to save you time, money and grief…and give you peace of mind.