MacKinnon & Higgins - Helpful Fire Damage Links

There are dozens of sources of online information that could be useful to you if you have experienced a serious loss due to fire or other insured events such as storms, lightning, etc. Here is a mere sampling of them:

BURN INJURIES - Beyond the devastation of property damage due to fire, there are burn survivors – their friends and loved ones, firefighters, medical professionals and others seriously affected by the ravages of fire. The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors can help:

CHECKLIST FOLLOWING A FIRE - For a comprehensive list of items, observations and advice if you have experienced a fire go to:

COMPREHENSIVE U.S. GOVERNMENT SITE - Here’s where to go for a comprehensive fire site dealing with everything from prevention to hazardous substances to intentionally set fires:

ELECTRICAL CAUSE - Get a fire investigator's perspective on whether electricity was responsible for causing your fire at this site:

FIRE DYNAMICS - See a YouTube demonstration on how wood products give off flammable gas when exposed to heat: Now imagine the same thing happening on a larger scale to building materials heated and ignited by fire. The result is "flashover." See for yourself in this YouTube video:

INSURER PRACTICES - In recent years, excuses, interminable delays, low-ball tactics and unjustifiable positions on coverage issues have become more frequent among fire loss insurers. Read the details regarding these practices in the Bloomberg and McKinsey Report:


PUBLIC ADJUSTERS - The State of Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation can provide information regarding insurers, public adjusters, their licensure and whether complaints have been filed against them at this site:

CONTRACTORS: The State of Michigan Residential Builders and Maintenance and Alteration Contractors Board can provide information regarding fire repair contractors – who must be licensed as residential builders and/or maintenance and alteration contractors in order to legally contract to perform repairs on residential structures. Moreover, the salespersons who solicit work for a particular fire contractor must be licensed to the contractor. Go here:

MOLD - Fire is extinguished by water, but water presents a new problem, i.e., mold. For more information go to: Mold prevention immediately following a fire is of critical importance. The consequences of failing to do so can jeopardize health. Here’s proof: Also, as noted above, see "CHECKLIST" for a comprehensive list of items, observations and advice if you have experienced a fire at:

SMOKE: Go to for recommendations on the removal of the smoke smell following a minor fire. Also, go to to learn about hidden dangers from smoke damage.

UTILITY LIABILITY - For a scholarly discussion pertaining to the legal liability of electrical utilities, visit this site: