MacKinnon & Higgins Services and Fees

Our job is to get you everything you’ve got coming to you under the law and the limits of your policy. We work by the hour or, if you prefer, for a percentage of your total settlement—sometimes for less than the 15 to 33-1/3 percent charged by some other property insurance attorneys. We can even work out hybrid approaches depending on the situation. We're able to offer such flexible and reasonable fee arrangements because of the expertise and efficiencies we have developed over more than 25 years of practice. However, we will not agree to prosecute every claim. We will evaluate the merits and potential recovery before we agree to represent you on an "if come" basis.

We made our name in fire loss claims against insurance companies.
However, we also handle liability claims and all forms of commercial litigation.

The majority of our work involves property damage due to fire, storms, water, theft and vandalism. In some cases, however, there may be liability on your part for injuries to others. Or it may be necessary to sue an equipment company, utility company or other service provider for certain uninsured losses. In all such cases, MacKinnon & Higgins has the expertise to evaluate, advise and litigate for you.

MacKinnon & Higgins has represented established and start-up companies in a wide variety of commercial transactions and business disputes. Given our collective 50-plus years of experience, we can safely say that if you have a problem in this area we either have a solution or know someone who does. Call us—you have nothing to lose and much to gain.